Blogger Spotlight: A Little Bit of R&R


Name: Ren Reidy (co-bloggers Heather Norcross and Autumn Nauling

30xhbx0.jpg14ij5v9.jpgBlog Name: A Little Bit of R&R
Blog Link: http://alittlebitofrnr.com/

Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/ALittleBitOfRnR https://twitter.com/1laureezy3

What genres do you review: 

     Ren: Paranormal, Fantasy, Contemporary, Dystopian/Sci-Fi (leaning more towards the dystopian), Steampunk, and Horror. They must have romance in them! Except for the horror. I also read children’s books with my son (no middle grade)

     Heather will pretty much read anything with the exception of middle grade and erotica.

     Autumn: Horror, Paranormal (can have romance in it), Dystopian (some Sci-Fi), Murder mysteries, YA and NA, Some erotica is fine but nothing too heavy.

Are you currently taking requests for reviews: Yes

Sample review:

Ren: http://alittlebitofrnr.com/review-owning-violet-monica-murphy/

Heather: http://alittlebitofrnr.com/book-review-giveaway-what-little-remains-by-gabriella-wise/

Autumn: http://alittlebitofrnr.com/review-crossing-in-time-the-1st-disaster-between-two-evils-1-by-d-l-orton/

Why do you like being a blogger: It has always been a joy of mine to share the books that I love with other readers. Since I read a lot of indie, I like to brag to my patrons about them since a lot of them don’t know they even exist. Sharing the love is what I’m all about.

What’s one thing you’d like people to know about you or your blog: I’m always willing to help, whether it’s helping an author with their release or a review, or helping a blogger with the ins and outs of blogging. I may not be able to devote as much time as I used to but I will always be passionate about books.

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