Dauntless Indies Teaser Blog Hop

Hey, all!! Here’s a teaser blog hop, with ten lines from various authors! So check them out and maybe find some new reads 🙂

Scornful Sadie EBOOK smaller


Sending waves of magic out, I felt for Santos and followed his path. We landed in Grandma’s kitchen, where Tessi was laid out on the table with Grandma hovering over her. I clutched Mel as she started to fall. Helping her to the floor, I cradled her head as I told her to lie down.

Santos rushed to me. “Is she ok?”

“Internal injuries,” I said and winced. Placing both hands on her stomach, I closed my eyes and sent my healing energies through my palms. Heat rushed through me, warming me all over as it swirled and healed her body.

Mel moaned and cried out beneath my touch. “Stop! Let me die!” she screamed. She began thrashing about, eager to get away from me.

Santos straddled her body, holding her arms down at the wrist. “Hurry, Sadie,” he said through clenched teeth.

“I’m trying,” I hissed back. “It’s hard to do when she won’t stop moving.”

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