Author Interview with Michael Loring

What is your writing process?
I usually don’t plan out what I’m going to write in great detail, I get an idea and I let it go on its own. A lot of the time I sit down and start writing and once I’m done I go, “Whoa, didn’t see that coming!”
Who or what influences your writing?
Movies and songs are my biggest muse. I write a hell of a lot better right after seeing a new movie or while listening to music. I’m not sure why, though I’m sure others have figured it out. Out of music and movies, music is my biggest muse. The music I listen to depends on the scene I’m writing, which helps with the flow. If I’m writing an action scene I’m usually listening to metal songs, or if it’s a romance scene I’ll listen to love songs. Music is my greatest asset when writing.
What do you consider your best accomplishment?
My book Dehumanized of course. It’s the first time I was able to finally sit down and finish a whole book. I had done short stories aplenty, but when it comes to novels I had a dozen prologues but nothing with an epilogue. Dehumanized was an entity in my head that DEMANDED to be written. I never thought something could make me as obsessed as writing this book. Even now, when I try to write something different, Dehumanized calls to me to continue the story in book two.
How have personal experiences influenced your writing?
In Dehumanized, I have many fighting scenes. I go into detail about the fights, because a lot of them happened to me. I took fights that I was in and wrote them down and fixed them to fit in the book. Now, before you guys go and think I’m some thug who goes out onto the streets to beat up people, know that these fights happened in boxing. I took boxing classes for six years, and in those six years the sparring got intense. Read my book, and you’ll get an idea of how intense they got!
What’s the best thing about being an author?
Meeting other authors. Before publishing my book, I followed authors and commented on their statuses and would occasionally get answered. But now, there are authors following ME and commenting on MY statuses. It’s a special kind of excitement when one of your favorite authors comments on your status.
Which authors inspire you?
Oh man, this is hard. There are so many. I think the biggest inspiration for me is a combo of J.K. Rowling (generic answer, I know, but it’s true) and Jeff Lindsay. These two are some of my favorites, and their stories and books impress me so much I want to emulate them in the hopes someone else will do the same.
What is your favorite genre to read? Write?
Supernatural/Action. Both read and write. Nothing beats a good fight between a vampire and a werewolf!
What is the hardest thing about writing?
That first chapter, that first sentence, that first WORD. Starting the writing is hard in my opinion. It’s the beginning of a huge commitment that you can’t take if you aren’t ready.
What is your favorite quote?
“Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
What advice would you give to your younger self?
DON’T let those bullies get to you. Community service is not fun!
What would you like to say to your readers?
You guys rock. I wouldn’t be here, filling out an interview if it wasn’t for you. If it weren’t for you guys, no one wouldn’t give two damns about my jolly self if you guys didn’t exist. Thank you!
Author Bio

Michael Loring was born in Bristol, Connecticut, but has lived in a variety of places such as Florida and Tennessee. He likes to think of himself as an amateur Lycanthropologist, studying werewolves ever since he was eight years old when he first saw An American Werewolf In London. He spent most of his life switching between home school and public school, always focusing on his passion for writing no matter what. His interest in writing was sparked in the second grade when his teacher encouraged him to write short stories for the class, earning him more than one award at school assemblies for Creative Writing. He currently resides in Punta Gorda, FL with his father who, for some unexplainable reason, avoids him during the night of the full moon.
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