Author Interview with Stacey Marie Brown

What is your writing process? Process? There is a process? Why hasn’t anybody told me this before? Seriously, I don’t know what my process is. I just know I have to leave my house and go to a café, with no Internet, but lots of caffeine and my music soundtrack to the Darkness Series. A hot guy in the corner or serving my coffee never hurts either. I’m mostly a ‘pantser’ kind of author. I like having a basic idea of what is going to happen; but every time I try to structurally plan a scene, my characters go the opposite way. When I let them go, they always take me to a place that’s even better than what I was planning. I love them improvising in my head, and I just type out what they are saying. These characters are so real to me. I can see their movements, habits, phrasing. I am merely a director in this play.

Who or what influences your writing? Other authors and reading influence me the most, but it can be music, a walk in the woods, art. One thing I’ve learned is that you never know when and where inspiration will hit you or how that will influence your writing.

What do you consider your best accomplishment? Every new level I hit I consider an accomplishment, but I would probably say getting my first book out. It was such a labor of love and was not something I had thought I would do only a year prior. This has been such an amazing experience. Good and bad.

How have personal experiences influenced your writing? Everything influences how we write. My travels around the world and places I’ve lived, people I’ve met, all have affected my writing.

What’s the best thing about being an author? Everything! Writing my stories, meeting my fans and fellow authors, creating worlds people want to be in.

Which authors inspire you? This is a hard one because they are so many authors who have affected me and probably contributed to me writing since I was little: Richard Scarry to Karen Marie Moning, Jane Austen to J.K. Rowling. I love them all, and they have inspired me to write.

What is your favorite genre to read? Write? Paranormal. I love the magic of fantasy—the what-if’s and the possibilities. I don’t know if I could write a book without some elements of fantasy. When I was a kid I would make believe elaborate fantasy/Goonie-kind of stories. I haven’t lost that, and I still want to live in that world.

What is the hardest thing about writing? Making an actual living from it! Also, it’s hard reading reviews when the reader says something mean or clearly didn’t understand what you were trying to say or took it wrong. You automatically want to defend yourself and the characters decisions, but you have to take a moment, breathe, and understand that not everyone is going to like it. Those readers who really do get it, connect with it, and love it make you forget all the bad anyway. My readers make it all worth it . . . tenfold.

What is your favorite quote? “It’s always words that undress you.”

What advice would you give to your younger self? Probably to believe in myself a bit more and to know I am worth good things happening to. I’ve always been too hard on myself and take success as if the other shoe will drop soon. I think I have gotten better over time, but I wish I understood this at a younger age. And say yes more to taking chances.

What would you like to say to your readers? I’d like to thank all my readers who have supported my books and love these characters as much as I do—especially to my fans who have been so vocal about getting these books out to others. I love all you, old and new! And to future readers–I hope you enjoy the story and let yourself go along for the ride. It’s not meant to be the book of the century, just a fun, enjoyable read—with lots of hot guys, sexual tension, adventure, and funny dialogue.

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