Being an Adult Sucks!

Responsibilities. Who knew there were SO many of them that came with adulthood?

I didn’t.

Most of us don’t. We can’t wait to grow up, to be on our own and doing our own thing, and when it happens? Well, it sucks. So, if you’re one of my teen readers…please enjoy your youth!

With that being said, due to financial difficulties, I’ve had to pull out of all my signings for this year.



sad jacob

I’ve tried every way around it, but I can’t save enough money to come.


If you’re attending UtopYA, I still hope to drive down for one day, so please order your books here. I will be an attendee, not an exhibitor!

If you were attending Books and Bourbon, Naughty in the South Author Event, or Passion in Portland and would like to purchase books, please do so here.

Again, I’m sorry. Here’s Hook to make us all feel better.