Blogger Spotlight: HeadTripping Books

Book. Name: Stephanie Mae  & Yohanna Baez
Blog Name: HeadTripping Books
What genres do you review: All
Are you currently taking requests for reviews: Yes
Sample review: Serious Leigh by Author Melanie James
This is the 2nd book in the Leigh series and I seriously can not get enough of Leigh!

Leigh was summoned to the witches union and she got assigned her own personal witch to help her learn the ropes, Gertie. Gertie Gertie Gertie…. She comes and goes as she pleases but is still learning on how to control it! Then Leigh is told that she must continue writing her story but how the witches from the union want her to write it but Leigh, Gertie and the secretary Esmeralda have other plans! This book will have you laughing so hard and tears will come uncontrollably. From drunken bathroom sleeping to zoo animals on the loose and a paranormal pet shop, you will not be disappointed! I am looking forward to see what is next for Leigh!

Why do you like being a blogger: I love meeting and getting to know Authors and finding books I might not have been able to before!
What’s one thing you’d like people to know about you or your blog: We are a more laid back blog, we are looking to just enjoy and share books with other people who enjoy reading as much as we do!