Blogger Spotlight: My Bookbag

karen metcalf

Name: Karen Metcalf

Blog Name: My Bookbag

Blog Link:

Social Media Links:

What genres do you review: YA, NA, dystopian, contemporary, mystery, other fiction

Are you currently taking requests for reviews: Yes

Sample review:

Why do you like being a blogger: It helps me sort out my feelings about each book: concept, story development, feelings and emotions evoked, storytelling, etc… Then, if someone gains an impression from my review, it makes me feel good about sharing.

What’s one thing you’d like people to know about you or your blog: Everything I write is my honest opinion. It may be different than someone else’s. I put my feelings and impressions out there for several reasons. It gives me a chance to express my opinions and it makes it easier to find my reviews for reference purposes.