Blogger Spotlight: She READS

Name: Amanda Williams
Blog Name: she READS
What genres do you review: mostly paranormal romance but pretty much anything that catches my fancy
Are you currently taking requests for reviews:I am currently taking request for reviews but at the moment it is not a whole lot of them.
Sample review: The great thing that about all of her stories is that they are action packed with just enough heartbreaking emotional pain. You feel for these characters and want to be apart of the lives and help them out in every way that you can.  The hangover I experienced when I finished reading is still with me.
Why do you like being a blogger: I enjoy sharing my love of reading and all of the new releases from authors that some people never would have found if it wasn’t for looking at the blog.
What’s one thing you’d like people to know about you or your blog: she READS is not like every other blog out there, I am a girl that loves skulls and doing redneck things on the weekend and that is reflected in the blog.