Blogger Spotlight: United Indie Book Blog


Name: Angie

Blog Name: United Indie Book Blog
Blog Link:

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What genres do you review: We have 5 admins total over at UIBB so we review just about anything and everything

Are you currently taking requests for reviews: On a case by case basis for now…

Sample review:

Why do you like being a blogger: Get to meet so many different people in general. Authors, bloggers, readers, business men and women. You meet a lot of people and I love it! Love being able to connect!

What’s one thing you’d like people to know about you or your blog: I started blogging because when I started writing I was being asked by fellow authors to review their books and after reading the first two or three amazing books I knew that I had to share these gems! So, I started a facebook page and recruited a few of my friends together and bam… here we are two years later. 🙂