Chapter One & Release Date-Unbound Destinies

Here’s the FIRST chapter of Unbound Destinies, White Aura #4! Also, I have a release date…June 13, 2014!! Are you excited? What do you think of the first chapter?

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The cold, wet grass tickled my bare feet, the dew settling on my skin. The fresh air filled my lungs as I inhaled deeply, serenity quickly following. The weather was unusually warm for the end of December, the air cool but without the biting chill that usually accompanied this time of year. Watching the sunrise was my new method of relaxing and connecting to the earth. Something about seeing the sun reveal itself each day was refreshing, as if seeing it wiped everything from the day before away, leaving a beautiful new canvas awaiting the paintbrush of life.
Things were hectic, and soon we would be leaving to fight Devlin. The thought was terrifying to say the least, but saving my family, Aiden, and myself, overrode any fears trickling through my brain. I worried about Aiden every day, wondering if he was alright, if he knew what happened. When we spoke before, he had completely lost two years of his life, but since The Crimson Calamitous was aware Aiden knew this time around, would he do something else? Would he torture him?
Would he let him survive?
Then there was my mother. She was still being held by the council, but I desperately needed her. Kyle’s unbinding was unexpected. No one knew how to control him, how to help him. He gained the vampire half, while I got the sorcerer half. The only thing was I couldn’t see auras, yet he could. And I developed some of his super strength=
The unbinding process was complex and unchartered territory for us all. Why didn’t it work on me? And why did my unbinding trigger my brother’s? The possibilities gave me a headache.
Try as I may, the negativity was often washed away by my love, my heart mate, my other half. I twisted the promise ring I’d received from Scott on Christmas day, allowing the hopes of the future and the happiness of the day to wash over me. We’d finally made love, an amazing and pure experience I held dearly to my heart. Our bond was solidified that night, each day new developments arising from it.
We were in tune like never before, our minds and bodies working as one. I knew the instant he walked in or out of the room, the building. The electricity between us was more intense than ever. One look and I could tell you what he thought on a subject. My body physically felt his needs and wants.
I found out Scott was hungry all the time.
His ravenous appetite drove me mad. My mind couldn’t wrap around why he ate so much, where he stored it, how he didn’t gain weight. He craved a meal more than me. Of all the developments, this one drove me the craziest
Anna worked endlessly trying to help us all at once, often expending herself too far and growing tired. She fed Kyle the blood mix four or five times a day. No one knew if it was normal, if she needed a stronger concoction, or if it simply didn’t work.
I desperately needed to speak with my mother.
My concern ran deepest for Sadie. She’d become a recluse since Aiden was taken from us. Scott and I often found her sitting in a room, eyes void as she stared ahead. It was puzzling, since everyone swears they weren’t heart mates, yet she felt the effects of losing one. I said it was because she’d simply fallen in love, but the explanation was quickly laughed away.
I knew she loved Aiden, even if she wouldn’t, or couldn’t, admit it to anyone. I saw it in her sad eyes, the way she wiped tears away when leaving her room. I heard her cries in the night. Her actions mirrored what I imagine would happen if I lost Scott.
Finding Aiden was the only solution. Of Scott’s family, I was closest to Sadie, and I refused to stand by and allow her to wither away from her heartache. I owed it to Aiden, after everything he’d been through, to not only find him, but to get him back to his family and his girl.
I sunk to the ground, my bottom instantly feeling damp from the grass, but I didn’t care. I lay back, my hair flowing around me and dug my fingers into the ground at my sides. The sun’s brightness assaulted my eyes at first, but soon they adjusted and the level of relaxation took another turn. Closing my eyes, I inhaled deeply, my chest puffing with air. Continuing the deep breathing, I washed all thoughts and worries from my mind, feeling an eerie calmness settle over my body.
Until Scott jarred me from my moment, that was.
“Livvie,” he called from the door, his voice harsh and laced with concern.
Lifting an arm, I waved it around, “I’m fine. I’m here.”
“Livvie!” he exclaimed, again, his voice demanding my attention.
I sat up, the knot in my stomach growing by the second. “What’s wrong?”
“We have a really big problem, Livvie. You gotta come in here, now.”
He reached me, offering his hand, and pulled me up. He held me close, his strong hand rubbing my arm as we dashed inside.