Dark Sorceress Trilogy


Twenty-one year old Sadie Tabors is unlike you’ve ever seen her before. A powerful sorceress dead set on ridding the world of evil, she uses her magical abilities to be a vigilante for the sorcerer world. When an unexpected person comes waltzing back into her life and her heart meets the one it’s destined to be with, everything Sadie knew is questioned. her life is turned upside down as she realizes she must make the decision no other has made before.

Sadie Tabors Trilogy—Dark Sorceress Trilogy

Scornful Sadie

Scornful Sadie EBOOK smaller

A war is brewing…

Heartbroken and lost, Sadie left her family when she was only sixteen to fight evil. Years of searching out and destroying the vermin of the supernatural world have left her ruthless and jaded, and powerful.

Sadie’s success has made her a target, and a series of cryptic warnings leaves her questioning what is being asked of her. But nothing in her past has prepared her for the obstacles she now faces in trying to rid the world of a resurrected evil that no one saw coming.

She finally comes home for the chance to re-discover her first love, Aiden. Does she have the power to restore Aiden’s memories and hold on to her love for him, while battling for humanity—and her life?

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Straying SadieStraying Sadie smaller EBOOK

A war begins…

Sadie Tabors is left stranded in the sorcery realm, Clorva, chasing a prophecy she can’t ignore. Five of the six original dark sorcerers are eager to defeat her and take over the world, but Sadie is determined to rid the universe of their evil.

When Sadie meets the only competitor in the Sorcerer Wars, her life is forever changed. Confusion takes precedence as she fights to save Aiden from the tower with only a three day deadline. Sadie must discern whether Myles Bailey will distract her from her goal or help her.

The clock is ticking. Will she be able to defeat The Five and rescue Aiden?

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Saving Sadie

A war comes to an end.

Sadie’s faced with her biggest challenge yet in this epic conclusion to the Dark Sorceress Trilogy.

Scared and determined, Sadie swears to finish Bram once and for all. A series of losses fuel her anger and the final battle ensues.

Who will Sadie lose? Will she survive? Will her loved ones??

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