Teaser Tuesday: Pursuing Korah

Copyright Felicia Tatum 2014. All content is unedited and subject to change.

Scene from Korah’s POV

“Korah? Can I come in? Wave once if it’s ok with you,” he said gently.

I lifted my fingers, motioning him in. He looked tired, but still as handsome as ever. His shirt was untucked on one side, the top few buttons undone. His hair was messy, giving him a bad boy edge. He trudged to my side, inching his way close, but not too close. He kept his eyes down. He looked scared, afraid.

Of course, I couldn’t speak, so I reached for him. He looked at me, his intense gaze settling on my eyes, and I quivered inside. He did things to me no one else ever had. His strong hand grasped mine, and I pulled him to the bed. Patting beside me, I scooted over enough for him to sit. Glancing around, I searched for paper. How did anyone expect me to communicate?