Teaser Tuesday-Pursuing Korah

Copyright Felicia Tatum 2014. All content is unedited and subject to change.

Scene from Dane’s POV

Korah was getting under my skin. I thought of her often, more than often, really. Her beautiful face danced in my mind, her voice sung me a lullaby. My dreams starred her, as well as my nightmares. She was an unstoppable force in my life.
I needed distance.

“Dane,” Cale said loudly, waving his hands in front of my face. “What is your problem?”


“I asked you how Korah was,” he said expectantly. His brows furrowed while his gaze settled on my eyes. “Something you wanna talk about?”

I shook my head. Talking wasn’t something I did. I was talking too much lately. I needed to stop. “Up for a basketball game?”
His thumb jerked toward the window. “It’s twenty degrees outside.”