Teaser Tuesday: Unbound Destinies

Here’s a teaser from Unbound Destinies, White Aura #4! Copyright Felicia Tatum 2014, all rights reserved, may be edited.

POV: Olivia

Balancing Kyle’s blood drink in one hand, I waved my palm over the door, the magic flowing through my body and transferring to the door. The spell was simple, and luckily Kyle didn’t possess any of the sorcery to attempt this on his own. It truly was strange how we were divided. I was anxious to see how the other unbound mixtures developed.

The window slowly appeared, a misty glaze over the door allowing me to see in. Waving my hand again, I sent the drink to his hand, where he instantly attacked it with his mouth. He gulped it down in seconds, his eyes mad with his thirst. He continued to slurp, licking the edges of the cup when finished. I watched in horror, feeling Scott’s apprehension from where he stood behind the door down the hall. I knew he was there, he knew I knew he was there, yet he still gave me privacy to be with my brother.

I truly loved him.

Kyle’s head snapped up, his vampire side completely in control as his glowing blood eyes assessed me. “More,” he growled. His fangs grew the longer he stared at my neck, and I stepped back in fear. He cocked his head to the side, a smirk growing wide on his deathly lips. “What, are you scared of me, little sister? The big and powerful sorcerer is scared of me?”

I shook my head, closing my eyes to block his face. He wasn’t himself. I must remember that. I lifted my hand, seconds away from closing our communication outlet. I peeked open my eyes one last time, seeing the red fading from him as he tried to shake off the monster in him.


“Kyle? Is it you?” I cried, putting my hand down. Relief flowed through me. The way he shifted from monster to man was terrifying and I shook from it.