Updates and Announcements

Helllllllo, lovely people! How are you all today? Wonderful, I hope. I have a few updates to let everyone know about and announcements! Let’s get started…

First, I got a day job! Exciting, yet sad, cause you know, writing. I’m still writing, but it won’t be as quick as it has been in the past. I’m in week two of the job and slowly getting adjusted, so hopefully i’ll be working on Castle’s Heart this week! Which brings me to the first announcement…

Castle’s Heart will NOT be releasing next month. :'(

I know, I’m sad, too. I can’t do it, though. This book is so very close to my heart, inspired by my first real boyfriend who passed away almost ten years ago, and I can’t rush it. It’s been difficult so far, bringing back so many emotions and leaving me drained from crying, but I think it’s beautiful. He was beautiful, so how could his book counterpart not be equally as beautiful?

I do have a new release date…November 1st!!

Also, my Dark Sorceress fans are probably itching for the last book, Saving Sadie, since Straying Sadie left in quite the cliffhanger (oops?). I’m working on it and oooooh man, it’s exciting! I think y’all are going to LOVE it and the news I’ll announce after it releases 😉

To wrap up, Castle’s Heart will be a little late, Saving Sadie is coming, and I’m now working another job and won’t be around or as active as I have been. I’ll probably be looking for someone to assist with some of my stuff so I can write more, but for now, it’s all me 🙂 I love you all and I hope you understand. Please let me know if you have an questions or concerns or pictures of Hook, Theo James, or cats!

<3 <3 <3 <3 Felicia