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With a dreaded curse looming, Princess Freya races against time to find her frollick of mates to complete her tribe. She has no choice. Her personal desires have no place here. If she cannot do this before her 25th birthday, her land will be cursed to winter—eternally.

Freya must travel the fae and mortal lands alike in search of the four men fated to help save her realm, but it will not be easy. Rulissa, the evil fae responsible for the curse hanging over Freya and her sisters, will stop at nothing to thwart Freya’s efforts and see her curse turned permanent.

Finding the men is simple. Bonding with them is another matter. When she falls for the first, she’s filled with renewed energy for the task. But she’ll soon discover that fate has no care for compatibility as she struggles through her own feelings about the men who must join her if she’s to succeed.

If her land falls into eternal winter, it cannot be undone. Her people will be cursed to the cold forever, hope and progress becoming no more than a dream of a past beyond their reach.

Freya must push past her own disdain for love if she’s to defeat the evil of Rulissa by surrendering herself to the bond of the frollick.

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